Imperial holdouts in the UK in 2016

Who is still stubbornly clinging on to imperial units in the UK in 2016?  Metric views takes stock.

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The Ins and Outs of Government

We take a metric view of the changes around the Cabinet table.

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Why can’t weights and measures be left to the free market?

There have been recent reports in the press a butcher in Devon has started to sell meat in pounds and ounces after the UK had voted to leave the EU in a national referendum on 23 June 2016. This butcher is now giving customers the choice to buy meat in pounds and ounces or in grams and kilograms.

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Where does Brexit leave metrication?

On 23 June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. After all 382 voting areas of the UK declared their results, Leave had a total of 17 410 742 votes (52% of the total vote) and Remain a total of 16 141 241 votes (48% of the total), on a turnout of 72% of a total electorate of 46 million.

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Pronunciation matters

SI is the international standard of measurement, understood around the globe. But its value in communication can be reduced by variations in the way it is both spoken and written.

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Metrication not an issue in EU referendum

Many issues have been raised in the referendum campaign. The UK measurement muddle has not been one of them. Ronnie Cohen comments on the campaign so far.

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New edition of SI brochure

One of our readers has drawn attention to the recent issue for a comment of a revised edition of the SI brochure.

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The link between muddled units and verbose traffic signs

Successive UK governments have retained imperial units exclusively for distance and speed on road traffic signs. Ronnie Cohen argues that, as a result, we have been unable to take advantage of universal unit symbols, a feature of the metric system but not of imperial.
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An American perspective on the US metric transition

Earlier this year, Ronnie Cohen contacted the US Metric Association (USMA) to get information about the current situation in the USA regarding its transition to the metric system. Paul Trusten, Registered Pharmacist and Vice President and Public Relations Director of USMA, responded.

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Perspectives on Canada’s metric transition

Following earlier discussion on Metric Views, we take a look at the current position on the metric changeover in Canada.

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