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A recent survey carried out by IPSOS Mori on behalf of the British Council may go some way to explain the UK’s failure to complete the metric changeover.

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US package labelling may be catching up

– but don’t hold your breath. One of our regular readers in the USA reports on the latest moves to permit metric-only labelling of packaging.

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It’s official – the UK’s hybrid collection of measures is here to stay

Recently, one of our readers wrote to his MP about the UK’s measurement muddle. He received a reply from the office of the Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts MP, who has responsibility for measurement standards in the UK. This reply confirms that the Government has no plan to reduce the current mixture of units in common use in the UK or to promote a single system of measurement for all purposes.

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The 49th Parallel – still a line in the shifting sands?

John Frewen-Lord, one of our regular contributors, has recently visited Canada and has sent Metric Views his observations on the current state of the metric changeover there. Comments on this article from readers who know Canada are particularly welcome.

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“No more imperial-only vehicle signs” says UKMA

In its response to a Department for Transport consultation the UK Metric Association has recommended that the erection of new vehicle height, width and length restriction signs that display only feet and inches should no longer be permitted.  Continue reading

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From 1520 to 3 – metric still rules (mostly)

A first for Metric Views – an article on model railways. John Frewen-Lord takes us to an area that many of us last visited in our childhood.

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One hundred years of metric rainfall measurement

– not that the media have noticed.  John Frewen-Lord looks into this oversight, drawing our attention to a centenary that occurs on 1 May.

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‘Area 1520′ – not about aliens or UFOs

With Easter approaching, thoughts turn to the holiday. One of our frequent contributors, John Frewen-Lord, has written an article about travel, or rather about a means of travel, which may help to get us in the mood, and which, moreover, deals with a topic not previously visited by Metric Views.

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Whither the National Curriculum?

We take a look at some recent information about the National Curriculum as it relates to measures and measurement.

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Are imperial units ‘British’?

Continuing with our series on myths, misinformation and fallacies, we look at the claim occasionally made by defenders of imperial units that they are British and that they should continue in use for this reason.

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