E-scooter speed muddle

From 4 July, the use of electric scooters will become legal in Great Britain, albeit on a limited trial basis. The use of privately owned e-scooters will remain illegal, and e-scooters will not be permitted on pavements. E-scooter design speeds will be limited to 15.5 miles per hour.

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International comparisons of social distancing measures

Following on from his article about social distancing in the UK (Metric Views, 16 April), Ronnie Cohen now considers the contribution of the global measurement system to understanding the pandemic.

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New speed limit in central London

Ronnie Cohen, one of our regular contributors, comments on the introduction on 2 March of a 20mph speed limit on certain roads in London’s Congestion Charging Zone.

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Covid-19, weight and your bathroom scales

Reports of a possible link between obesity and morbidity have prompted one of our occasional contributors, Martin Vlietstra, to look at issues around measuring body weight in the home.

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The “traditional” pint

It seems it will be a while before we are able to return to the pub and enjoy our favourite tipple while socialising with our friends. In the mean time, Metric Views points to a paradox that some may wish to ponder over their pint.

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Two-metre social distancing is well understood

We are now several weeks into the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Ronnie Cohen, one of our frequent contributors, looks at a particular aspect of government advice – social distancing.

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Experts weigh in

Following our article on the new definition of the kilogram, Martin Vlietstra, one of our occasional contributors, provides some insight into how, in the 21st century, this standard is passed down to us, the general public.

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No surprises in YouGov survey

In 2013, the UK Metric Association (UKMA) commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey into the UK’s measurement muddle. The results were reported on Metric Views at that time. We now look at a follow-up survey carried out two years later.

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1819 – a massacre and a missed opportunity

This article looks at the first report of the Commissioners appointed early in the nineteenth century to consider weights and measures. It gives examples of the reasons why the Commission was appointed, comments on some of its recommendations, and then speculates on an alternative outcome had the Commission taken a different view.

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Watch “Decimalisation (1970)” on YouTube

Our last article, on the subject of the decimal currency changeover in 1971, attracted several comments from our readers, one of which drew to attention to a film relating to the event. For technical reasons, it is not possible to post this after the original article, and so the Editor has decided to feature it in a new post.

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