‘Area 1520′ – not about aliens or UFOs

With Easter approaching, thoughts turn to the holiday. One of our frequent contributors, John Frewen-Lord, has written an article about travel, or rather about a means of travel, which may help to get us in the mood, and which, moreover, deals with a topic not previously visited by Metric Views.

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Whither the National Curriculum?

We take a look at some recent information about the National Curriculum as it relates to measures and measurement.

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Are imperial units ‘British’?

Continuing with our series on myths, misinformation and fallacies, we look at the claim occasionally made by defenders of imperial units that they are British and that they should continue in use for this reason.

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An old habit dies hard

One of our regular contributors, John Frewen-Lord, observes that the beauty and value of the built-in simplicity and coherence of the metric system is not being learned by the UK population despite forty years of teaching.

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Metrication in Myanmar

We are pleased to draw our readers’ attention to a recent article on conversion plans in Myanmar.

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All too often, mystified when we measure

John Frewen-Lord recalls several recent examples of difficulties with measurement and asks if common measuring devices actually inhibit using the metric system.

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Government decision contradicts road safety initiatives

The Government has been accused of failing to implement the strategies necessary to achieve goals agreed as part of two major international road safety initiatives. Furthermore, its decision on width and height restriction sign regulations, made shortly after taking office in 2010, directly contradicts one of the aims stated by the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

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Should we forget fractions and only use decimal?

I am motivated to write this article because, in the past, I have come across supporters of metrication, some of whom with teaching experience, who say that only decimals should be taught rather than both fractions and decimals in elementary mathematics in school.

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Imperial left-overs in Australia

Although Australia is predominantly metric, there are still some pockets of imperial usage.  Ronnie C recently visited that country and has written this account of what he found.

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Survey exposes the failure of measurement policy in the UK

The UK Metric Association has issued the following press release:

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