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Ignorance is bliss, or perhaps not

One of our regular contributors, Jake, has drawn our attention to a story that recently appeared on the BBC web site. Likes(32)Dislikes(6)

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Pint-sized beer and cider in British shops

Ronnie Cohen takes a look at the beer and cider on sale in his local shops and supermarket. Likes(31)Dislikes(1)

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The Cardinals Hat calls time

A pub in Worcester, that for ten years served draught beer by the litre, has now closed due to rising costs. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Bizarre 2/3 pint proposal to go ahead

Despite widespread ridicule, the Government has persisted with the previous Government’s barmy proposal to introduce a 2/3 pint measure for draught beer and cider.  Under the pretence of  “removing unnecessary red tape”, it has actually resisted calls for genuine deregulation. … Continue reading

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Tory spokesman supports centilitres of alcohol

In a commendable outbreak of common sense, Conservative health spokesman, Andrew Lansley, has proposed that, in order to clarify the amount of alcohol being consumed, bottles and cans should be labelled with the quantity of pure alcohol in centilitres rather … Continue reading

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BIS sticks with pints of beer (but only on draught)

As expected the Business Department has refused to permit sales of draught beer and cider in convenient metric measures – but its reasoning is bizarre. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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