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The metric changeover – a continuum or a barrier to surmount?

Readers may have seen versions of world maps showing ‘non-metric’ countries, usually Liberia, Myanmar and the US. The previous article on Metric Views generated comments about the qualifications for membership of this select band, and we now consider this further. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Will the Americans get there first? A challenge to Obama

Everyone knows the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  Does this story have a predictive message for metrication in the UK and the US?  A recent letter from the US Metric Association to President Obama invites the question: Could … Continue reading

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Spain discredits DfT’s case against metric signs

The Spanish government this week exposed the Department for Transport’s case against adopting metric road signs in the UK as flawed. While the DfT maintains that it must allow an average of around £1400 to change our road signs, Spain this week changed all its motorway speed limit signs for an average cost of just €41, or £35.
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Numeracy Counts

A recent report has stressed the importance of numeracy – and of raising the level of numeracy – both for people with learning difficulties and for people who are otherwise well qualified.  In this article Martin Vlietstra suggests that fully … Continue reading

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