UK Prominent Peaks tables and maps updated

A new release of the UK Prominent Peaks tables and maps is now available. This follows the announcement of survey results for Glyder Fawr in Snowdonia which demonstrate that it is more than one thousand metres high.

Summit of Glyder Fawr now measured as 1000.8 metres. Photo coursesy of Myrddyn Phillips, G & J Surveys

Glyder Fawr summit - photo Myrddyn Phillips, G & J Surveys

Earlier this week G & J Surveys announced that Glyder Fawr’s height was 1000.8 metres. This was the result of a new survey accurate to ± 5 cm. The photo above shows the summit pinnacle which is a mere 2 mm higher than the rock on the right. The Snowdon/Yr Wddyfa range is behind Glyder Fawr.

In the UK Prominent Peaks classification, Glyder Fawr joins the H1000 height category. It therefore becomes the 134th peak in the Prominent Thousanders challenge. The UK Prominent Peaks website has been updated with the new survey results and also the results of earlier surveys on Tryfan and Kinder Scout.

The latest versions of the UK Prominent Peaks downloads are available from here.

UK prominent peaks logo

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  1. Alan G says:

    They haven't given the reason for the accident but an ancient archway has been destroyed by a lorry in Scone. Looking at the picture here which appears to show a van it looks like it may have been too big to fit through. Wonder what measurement any warning sign was in


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