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Crazy acres

Of all the traditions that are kept alive today the acre for land measurement has to be one of the daftest. (Article by Phil Hall) Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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New motorway speed limits for goods vehicles?

By 1 January 2008, speed limiters will have been fitted to all recently registered, and many older, buses, coaches and goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Confusion brews on Budget day

At the time of writing this article, the BBC is reporting on its website that in today’s budget, “Duty on beer and cider rises 1p a pint“. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Blood transconfusion

The National Blood Service are understandably concerned that not enough people are coming forward to donate blood. There are, no doubt, a variety of reasons why people are inhibitied from doing so, e.g. can’t spare the time, nervousness about the … Continue reading

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“Farewell” to the Calorie?

Tesco is phasing out ‘kcal’ from the nutrition information on food products. Only ‘kJ’ will be used. (Information provided by Philip Bladon, and edited by Derek Pollard). Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

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