NASA opts for a metric moon

If you are thinking of visiting the moon, you will now need to take only one set of spanners. (News item reported by two UK Metric Association members).

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on 8 January 2007 that it has decided to use metric units for all operations on the lunar surface when it returns to the moon. For more details, see:

Two centuries ago, the founding fathers of the metric system had a vision of a system that was simple, rational and universal. Little could they realise that ‘universal’ would one day extend beyond our planet.

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3 Responses to NASA opts for a metric moon

  1. philh says:

    It is great news that NASA have taken this step. It is a clear endorsement of the wisdom of a single rational system of measurement.

    It is quite telling that an organisation operating at the frontier of science and technology, who have to maintain the very highest standards of safety and security, should opt for metric only.

  2. Werner says:

    Strange that NASA only stresses international co-operation and does not mention the simplicity of the SI units.

  3. Daniel Jackson says:

    NASA isn't metricating because of any of their wisdom, but because they are being required to if they want international cooperation and funding.

    Thus they are doing it but aren't happy about it.


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