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A headache on the road to Pickering

Our contributor has encountered a low bridge sign that has left him guessing. [Contributed by Seares and edited by Derek Pollard] Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Christmas Eve Salmon with Hot Beetroot Relish

Guests arrived early? Not sure what to serve? There is just time to pop down to the supermarket and pick the ingredients for this quick recipe (assuming you can get into the car park). Provided by Roz Denny, UKMA’s answer … Continue reading

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“Animals in the womb: Mammals” – pioneering TV from Channel 4

This programme used a combination of computer graphics, physical modelling, and actual ultra-sound images to create stunning pictures of the foetus of a dolphin, an elephant and a golden retriever developing in the womb. There was a commentary, but for … Continue reading

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A ‘Voyage of Discovery’ into the origins of the metric system

A recent programme in the ‘Voyages of Discovery’ series on BBC4 described the meridian expedition to the Andes between 1735 and 1744. During the programme, the presenter suggested that the metric system owes its origins to the Enlightenment, and partly … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t life be simpler

If we could use one unit for distance, height, width, length etc on our roads? Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

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Welcome to ‘Metric Views’

Welcome to ‘Metric Views’, a UK Metric Association website. This website aims to provide information and comment about the UK’s transition to the global metric system of measurement, and to show why the UK should complete the changeover as quickly … Continue reading

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